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Tired of erratic water supply?

Looking for a cost-effective and reliable water backup system for your home or business? You cannot rely on the municipality any longer for a reliable, continuous supply of water. It is time to ensure that you have water without them!

Latest installation

Let us do for you what we have done for so many other happy customers...

We recently installed 6 slimline water tanks, complete with a water filtration system, that will ensure a continuous flow of water supply to the main building.

We love giving clients the freedom of experiencing a complete and safe water backup solution, according to their needs!

Being left high and dry? Let us help

Best value for money and no hidden costs

The best high quality guaranteed water systems

Tailor made backup systems to suit your needs

We are a dedicated company that specialises ONLY in municipal water backup solutions

The best food grade, quality virgin LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) tanks

Simple, fast and trustworthy service

Dedicated and reliable support team

Seamless and hassle free management

Professional and experienced consultants

Ensure continuous water supply to your commercial property

Ideal water backup solution for office buildings, factories, shopping centers and many more.

Why a JoJo tank

We’re making it easy to utilise a municipal water backup tank system on your property. Here are (mouse over) the benefits of our tanks.

UV-stabilised outer
layer withstands the
harsh African climate

Black inner layer prevents
algae growth

Lids are secured
with spring-loaded
e-clips as an
additional safety
measure in the
event that the
tank overflows

BPA-free, food-grade
layer prevents leaching of
harmful chemicals and
protects the quality of
the water stored

No vertical joints
or weak points
in the layers
for added

Our colour pigments
have the best weather
-and light fastness
properties for
extended outdoor
use without fading

Tanks can be
manufactured in a range
of colours to suit various
preferences and unique
aesthetic requirements

Greater thickness
at the bottom of the
tank provides the
required strength
to withstand the
pressure from the
liquid stored

Closely spaced ribs at
the bottom of the tank
provides added strength

Tanks are supplied
with high-quality,
practical fittings
designed for use
with our accessory
range, to extend
the versatility and
allow for easy DIY

Iconic contemporary
design with unique
sharp lines and

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