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Installing a water tank connected to your municipal water mains will ensure that clean drinkable water is on tap when the municipal water to your premises fails.

Water 4 Africa Holdings is a wholly owned South African company that was established exclusively for the purpose of providing high quality and affordable water backup systems to local households and businesses, in the event of a municipal water failure.

Unfortunately, the reticulation infrastructure in South Africa is extremely dated and obsolete – as a result of maintenance neglect – and it has become common practice for households and businesses to experience intermittent water shortages, sometimes for extended periods of time.

The absence of water supply to the household is both inconvenient and disruptive, resulting in compromised hygiene and extreme dysfunction.

Water supply security has been identified as a key economic business risk by industry leaders ahead of energy supply security. A lack of access to water can be a major challenge for any business.

Water 4 Africa Holdings employs a team of trained professionals who are on standby to assist with all your water back up needs, to ensure an undisturbed lifestyle and an uninterrupted and profitable business.

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